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Your Farm in the City: An Urban-Dweller's Guide to Growing Food and Raising Animals by Lisa Taylor is the most complete book on urban farming, covering everything from growing organic produce and raising chickens, to running a small farm on a city lot or in a suburban backyard.

I must admit before going any further with this article that, I myself have always disliked dandelions. I know they are cute and fuzzy but they severely impact the color scheme of my lawn. I decided that with knowledge comes power, so I set out to learn about Taraxacum officinale or Lawnness infestess weedess the Dandelion.

I recently had a run in with a young Lady ( I am using the term loosely ). She was trespassing in my field next to the road, where her and the dog she was with had decided to take a look at some calves in the field.

I recently was sent an article from a member of our site talking about the fact that residents could only water their lawns every other week. They also stated that an inch a week would be adequate for the lawn.

To put this in to perspective an inch of rain on an acre of land is approximately 22,610.66 imperial gallons or 102,790.15 liters of water. If you take these numbers and figure that there are approximately 16 weeks of watering lawns it becomes clear how much is used.

A good friend of just called the office. He will remain Anonymous in order to protect him from his wife and us from a lawsuit.

He called to ask what could be done to keep the rabbits away from his wife’s plants.

It was with genuine fear he relayed a story of a normally sane, gentle women who had awoken him with a string of blasphemous words that could have been the sound track from the exorcist .

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