The Relaxation That Comes From Gardening

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A good friend of just called the office. He will remain Anonymous in order to protect him from his wife and us from a lawsuit.

He called to ask what could be done to keep the rabbits away from his wife’s plants.

It was with genuine fear he relayed a story of a normally sane, gentle women who had awoken him with a string of blasphemous words that could have been the sound track from the exorcist .

She had recently replanted her garden for the third time. The first was wiped out by frost, the next by rabbits. This time, before the replanting of the third set of plants, she had asked the expert at the Wal-Mart plant center what to do to keep the rabbits away. 'Well,' he said, 'rabbits are scared of other animals' and he grabbed a box of bone meal and said 'this must be made from other animals. So spread it around it will scare them away'.

So she had replanted the plants and spread the bone meal force field around them.

Now before we continue lets look at what bone meal is made of. It is degreased, ground up bones. It contains the minerals calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and zinc, as well as traces of other elements. Note there is nothing there that says 'contains rabbit repellent'. I personally have seen rabbits chew old antlers and dry bones so all she had done was save them the trouble of chewing.

What had caused the out burst and slight loss of sanity was she had seen the rabbits, six in number, eating plants and tasting the bone meal. Personally I think the rabbits are probably quite fond of Mrs. X for providing them with a well balanced diet.

After I explained the problem with his choice of deterrent, I suggested he use a motion activated sprinkler, or something that is more commonly used for deturring garden raiders. He thanked me and said he hoped that he would be able to save his wife before she slipped completely over the edge.

It is always nice to hear of people enjoying the relaxation that comes with gardening


I find that rabbit pie is awesome, a 22 rifle is a very good rabbit repellent...

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